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About Medicare

Considerations before turning 65

You're turning 65 years old. You're getting flooded by phone calls from Medicare call centers, your mailbox is full of Medicare advertising. BUT - do you really need to do anything regarding Medicare when you turn 65?

Do You Have to Sign Up for Medicare?

In this article, we will isolate our thoughts to when you are first turning 65 years old. If we did not touch on your specific situation, please call one of our advisors for additional information. When coming up to your Medicare eligibility, many people ask the question, Is it mandatory to sign up for Medicare at 65? Short answer? Maybe.

How Much Does Medicare Cost?

So, you’ve gotten to the point that you know you need to enroll (or want to enroll) into the Medicare health insurance system. Let’s pivot to “how much” that will cost you each month.

Medigap Vs. Medicare Advantage

Confused about the difference between Medigap and Medicare Advantage? Find all your answers here.

Medicare and Pre-Existing Conditions

“I thought pre-existing conditions didn’t play a role in health insurance any longer…” Welcome to Medicare; things work a bit differently.

Medicare and Cobra Coverage

Question: I was offered Cobra insurance coverage by my now former employer, do I really need to sign up for Medicare? Answer: You sure do. Read on…

Medicare and Retiree Coverage

Sometimes, we have people that schedule phone time with us and, well, there’s really nothing that we can help them with. What TYPE of folks do I mean? Generally, it’s people with some of the following insurance coverages either in place OR available to them as a retiree option.

Medicare and Michigan Auto Insurance

This information is for Michigan residents only. Obviously, feel free to read but it won’t impact you unless you are a resident of the State of Michigan. This information is subject to change as we understand from our fellow auto insurance partners. We all hope to have a very firm understanding of these changes by July 1, 2020.

New to Medicare? Here’s what to expect

Maybe you turned 65 and enrolled into Medicare Part A and B. Or, maybe you left your employer’s group health insurance plan and joined Medicare. Regardless, you learned what you needed to do to get both Parts A and B in place with the government. You worked with us to determine what path you then wanted to take to provide the balance of your coverage.

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