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Top Advisor Marketing Podcast Episode 64 // Gwynn and Joanne were invited to speak with Matt about encouraging financial advisors to take the lid off of Medicare/Healthcare conversations! “Matt and Kirk are joined by an incredible duo from the financial industry – Joanne Giardini-Russell and Gwynn Sharick. Joanne is the owner and operator of Giardini Medicare where she along with Gwynn are Medicare specialists. Today, these gals will explain how you can integrate Medicare/Healthcare conversations into your practice. Joanne and Gwynn detail their personal successes with Medicare marketing and provide some step by step information that you can use to start creating a complete service for your clients today. Listen to Episode...

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Top Advisor Marketing Podcast Episode 87 // Today, Matt Halloran brings on two former guests Gwynn Sharick-Elberson and Joanne Giardini-Russell from Giardini Medicare. Gwynn and Joanne guide you through determining your Influencers vs Strategic Partners and how you can use strategic partnering to grow your practice. While influencers are often about uplifting and providing you with tools to get strategic partners, and Gwynn and Joanne are here to make sure you capitalize on grabbing those partnerships to reach your next goal as a financial advisor. Tune in to listen to Gwynn and Joanne, who’s thought leadership will help you better understand and utilize both types of relationships! Listen to Episode...

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Colin Meeks of Maryland Financial Advocates Podcast // Colin invited Joanne to join him on the podcast that he hosts for his clients. One of Colin’s focuses is Eldercare Financial Planning – so, who better to start talking with about the Medicare conversation! Listen to Episode...

Beyond the Mask Podcast // Joanne joined Jeremy Stanley and Sharon Pearce for a “fun” discussion about Medicare. Jeremy’s practice specializes in financial planning for the CRNA and you know how we adore specialization! (as we do 100% only Medicare). Listen in, we bet you’ll learn something.

Money Savage Podcast // On this show, we talked about the history of Medicare, the process for enrolling, when to start thinking about it and what to avoid with Joanne Giardini-Russell, Owner and Medicare guru at Giardini Medicare.  Listen to learn about the penalties for missing Medicare deadlines and how to avoid them!

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