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Meet the Team

Joanne Giardini-Russell

Medicare Nerd | Owner

Gwynn Sharick-Elberson

Medicare Nerd

Allie Giardini Amine

Medicare Nerd

Cameron Giardini

Medicare Nerd

Marie Goldbeck-Strunk

Under 65 Specialist

Trevor Patzsch

Medicare Nerd

Giardini Medicare (formerly Boomer Health Group) was created to help those approaching Medicare eligibility or those currently enrolled in Medicare better understand what they are purchasing and how their choices may affect their long-term outcomes regarding care, finances, etc.

After 30 years in the insurance and financial space, Joanne saw the niche within Medicare. People have discussions with advisors and others about the cost of healthcare or possible long term care solutions, topics of that nature. Those are excellent things to discuss, but Joanne saw that the missing piece was “who is helping a person decide if they need to get Medicare? How do they actually enroll? What other things do they have to purchase? And dozens and dozens of other questions. Those are the real things that trip people up.

So, with the help of Gwynn Elberson in 2018, they launched Giardini Medicare. They were eventually joined by other Giardini’s, creating a rather fun family Medicare agency.

Generally (and this is our opinion!), HR departments, the financial advisor community, CPA’s, and other professionals just don’t have what it takes to give proper Medicare “coaching”. And guess what. That’s not their job! We spend a lot, lot, lot of time with these professionals to educate them enough so that they can send you over to us. So, we’re working with your trusted professional as their team member – for YOU. They have a million things going on with their own job working for you so we come along with our Medicare focus.

We know that the expense of healthcare outpaces most other costs and is pretty outrageous these days! The likelihood of requiring care increases with aging. And, families and individuals are struggling to navigate our healthcare system properly.

We bring education, tips, tools, ideas and advice to the end user client AND the entire advisor community.

We consult with those approaching age 65 and the Medicare decision. Do I need to sign up? If yes, how do I do so? What does Medicare cover? How do we handle prescriptions? What doctor can I go to? What happens if we travel? We, of course, handle all types of policies for those that are OVER 65 and currently in a Medicare plan that they may like to change.

No two situations are alike. We provide no fee consultations to those nationwide. We are compensated by insurance carriers. We provide seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. for clients, advisors, benefits departments, HR departments, CPA groups and more. We are happy to do just about anything to educate the world about Medicare decisions!

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