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Our Approach

Why did we create our business?


Those of you approaching age 65 or Medicare eligibility in general are confused. You're stressed. You're given poor information, thus you make bad decisions based on bad information.

Our process guides you through enrolling into the Medicare system, purchasing your Medicare products through us and maintaining the relationship between us for years and years to come.

We take the time to be sure that you understand what you bought. And, why you bought it. We're with you for the long haul. We stay in touch, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and customer service. Our Google Reviews - see for yourself.

There's nothing worse than banging your head against the wall while on hold with Comcast, for example, right? We get it. We don't like it, so we won't operate like that.

We focus on education with our clients and with the public alike. We work with many credit unions, financial planners and financial firms to deliver Medicare content. They don't have time to handle Medicare so they bring us in. Smart firms (such as Dearborn Federal Credit Union, Team One Credit Union, GE Credit Union, Alliant Credit Union, Protective Life, and more) do that.

We start at the beginning. We help people answer basic questions such as:

  • Do I need to sign up for Medicare?
  • If yes, how do I do so?
  • What does Medicare cover?
  • How do we handle prescriptions?
  • What doctor can I go to?
  • What happens if we travel?

After we determine that you do indeed need Medicare? We coach you with the signup portion with the government (no, we don't work for the government, however) AND we enroll you into the products that you need to compliment your Medicare coverage from the government.

Important to note:  at the end of the day, we're an insurance agency and that is how we earn our keep. We're paid by insurance carriers as we place business with a carrier.  You won't pay us any extra to work with us. If you call a carrier directly, you'll pay the exact same price as enrolling through us. But, if you call the carrier directly, we can pretty well guarantee that won't get the best service in the long run.

We're an independent insurance agency. That means that we represent a lot of carriers. We handle lots and lots of Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap contracts. Part D plans, dental/vision/hearing plans and more. All things that compliment Medicare.

What we don't do. We don't sell products other than Medicare ones. We don't hound people. You'll never see a solicitation postcard with our name on it. We'll never call you eight times in a day. We're just not into bugging people.

We hope to provide you value along your transition into the Medicare world - and we hope that you will enroll through us once you discover that value. One great thing that we offer you is our YouTube Channel. Many people start learning the basics of Medicare with Cameron and it's a great foundation to our talks with you as you transition into Medicare. Give it a try.

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