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Overwhelmed by Medicare?

We're here to simplify the journey! As an independent Medicare insurance agency rooted in Michigan, we specialize in enrolling individuals in Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your needs and finding the plan that fits you best.

And the cherry on top? Our personalized service comes at no cost to you. Become a part of the thousands who have confidently navigated their Medicare transition with us. Let us be your guide to a secure Medicare future!

Why Giardini Medicare?

We strive to be different from the competition. We are a locally-based company, we work with the Big Three, Michigan credit unions as well as many of the local hospital systems - we know the area. With us, there's no nightmare phone tree or long wait times; our agents are always available to answer any questions.


Independent Agents

We represent all of the major carriers in Michigan and most large carriers nationally. We enroll you directly into the plans that you need (that's how we're compensated so we don't need to charge you).


Education Focused

Ultimately, we want to enroll you in an insurance plan that you feel confident in. You should know why you picked it and know exactly how it works. We focus on creating a low-stress environment to get your Medicare right.


Long-Term Partnership

Though we focus on the transition to Medicare, our customer service doesn’t end with your initial enrollment. We’ll help you review plans annually so that you are confident that you’re in the right place. We refer to this as "babysitting" you in your Medicare years; it works well.

Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers have to say about our services.

"Cameron is the best! I was so stressed and confused about Medicare and felt bombarded by information - too many phone calls and mailings coming at me. Cameron explained everything and helped me decide the best route for me. He walked me through every step of the way and was SO patient!"

Victoria Jurgensen

"Giardini Medicare was extremely easy to work with. They took the time to answer all my questions and gave me a detailed account of what I needed to do and when it needed to be done. Great Experience. Highly recommend."

Brian Schubert

"This company was fabulous help with signing up for medicare insurance. I waited until the last minute and Joanne was fabulous, knowledgeable, helpful, and worked through the necessary steps with me. thank you so much!!"

Suzette Bouchard-Isackson

"I was in search of an agent or group that would be available to answer questions and keep husband an I updated on the latest changes that would or could effect us. I have been more than pleased at the level and quality of service and communications I have received thus far. Keep up the good work!"

Patti Cole

"They know Medicare Insurance better than ANY OTHER person or company I have ever dealt with. They’re honest, reliable, efficient, responsive and thorough. They actually HELP you choose the best plan for your needs. I wouldn’t deal with any other Medicare company."

Clare Muscillo

"Very knowledgeable. Joanne was great to deal with. I talked to her for two years with Medicare questions, and she always responded quickly. When I finally did sign up, she did all the work. I have recommended her to my friends."

Pat Guminski

"They deliver extremely clear and concise presentations and can answer most any question put to them. After making our Medicare decisions, we do not feel abandoned by them, either! It feels like we have a permanent relationship. Looking forward to navigating the future with them."

Peter Mousseau

"This company explains Medicare in a very simple way. They also recommend what is right for you and not what is right for their pocket book. I have been associated with other companies in the past that did not really look out for my best interest."


I have been incredibly impressed with the responsiveness of this group. I have accessed them multiple times over the last few weeks as my husband and I transitioned to Medicare and they have helped us with each issue professionally. Our financial advisor Sean Morrissey with McAdam Financial recommended we participate in their webinar and take advantage of their Webinars. What an excellent resource they have been for us!!. Cameron Giardini has been so responsive to every question we have raised and responds immediately. Joanne had spent so much time helping us find the right solution to issues we were concerned about. They went out of their way to provide continuity for us to set up our plans. As a nurse it was important for me to understand and be involved at each step...This team was so helpful and efficient.
"Giardini was recommended to me by a friend on the West Coast who is actually in the same business as Giardini. He said I was very lucky to be in Michigan and have one of, if not the most knowledgeable teams in the industry. I was fortunate enough to have Justin Giardini get back with me right away. Within no time he cleared up everything for me and we worked together to come up with what I think are the optimal plans for ME. I highly recommend the team! Tom"


"Giardini Medicare has been a pleasure to work with. Joanne demystified Medicare and made going thru the process a delight. Jackie’s follow up and assistance was top notch. The combination of Medicare knowledge and a personal approach made signing up for Medicare a breeze. I highly recommend Giardini!"

Pat Stewart

"I had been receiving an absolute ton of Medicare and Medicare Advantage information for Months especially as i approached age 65 by infomercials etc. Cameron listened to me explain the general direction I thought i wanted to go in. He efficiently and patiently helped me filter through all the possible choices and options I feel that Cameron's personal attention...very quick response time...along with his informative YouTube videos PLUS Joanne's on-line seminars were all crucial in my better understanding the process and making what i feel were the right choices for my situation. THANKS for the guidance! "

Charles L

"Going into the Medicare World was a daunting thing. This was on top of filing for a pension, dealing with income tax and the pressures of everyday life. Giardini Medicare (and Joanne in particular) spelled out my options in both videos and on the phone, making the choices easy for me. They expertly followed up to make sure that the companies I chose were working with me, providing me ID cards, etc. Tomorrow I officially am covered by Medicare A & B and Medicare Suppliment N and Prescription Drug Plan D thanks to Joanne & the Giardini Medicare Group. Thank you!"

Mark West

"I cannot recommend Giardini enough. We have worked with Allie there for over a year and a half, from preparation for transition to Medicare through the actual transition. Allie was completely knowledgeable and so clear in telling us what to do at each point; it genuinely felt like she was holding our hand the entire time. Allie thoroughly explained all our options and always followed up with an email that was clear and concise. Our Medicare, Medigap, and Prescription sign-ups all went as smooth as can be. I have already recommended Giardini to friends who will be navigating the Medicare transition process and will continue to do so!"

Lori Lutz

"I have spent a few years looking for someone who could offer me Medicare/Medicaid advice as a caregiver of two about-to-be 65 year olds. I checked out the Government websites myself and came away far more frustrated than satisfied. In short order, the knowledgeable, thoughtful staff of Giardini Medicare listened, advised and, best of all, found me answers. With their help, I now have better, more comprehensive insurance - with far less out of pocket costs. Not only do the two people I care for sleep better, so do I. Five stars!"

Paul Shifrin

Real World Examples

How past customers’ lives have changed since working together.

COBRA & Medicare: Potential Coordination Issues

Tom lost his job at age 67. When he worked with his HR department, they gave him documents to secure coverage via Cobra. While this could be a good option for Tom, no one told him that if he starts Cobra coverage, he would need Medicare as well. Read more...

COBRA Case Study
Pre-Existing Condition Case Study

Pre-existing conditions DO matter with Medicare

Bonnie started Medicare at age 65. She purchased a Medicare Advantage plan with her local agent who only presented coverage options based on her current health. A few years later she was diagnosed with cancer and then wanted to understand her insurance options; only to realize they were limited. Read more...

Enrolling in Medicare Part B too early?

Upon retiring at age 70, Dan wanted to use his Medigap open enrollment time period to choose a good plan for his retirement. However, he had unnecessarily enrolled into Part B at age 65 while he was still working. This mistake would lead to limited plan selection for him going forward; not what he intended. Read more...

Missing Open Enrollment Case Study

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