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Allie Giardini Amine

Medicare Nerd

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Allie grew up with BOTH parents in the insurance industry. Her older brother joined them in insurance-land and she started along that path as well. A true family affair.

Allie graduated from Michigan State University with a Psychology degree.

She’s a millennial that believes in customer service.  You’ll find that our millennial’s know so much about Medicare that it’ll make your head spin. Allie was thrilled to get her AARP discount card (she gets one as an agent) – feel free to poke some fun at her 👍

Allie lives in Fenton, MI with her new husband, Jordan. They were married in October, 2019. Jordan is a mortgage lender in Brighton, MI so you can imagine the conversations in their home! They both operate in transactional businesses that need to be handled properly and efficiently. Best part is that they both “get it” – do a good job for people.

Allie is a ‘mini-me’ of her mom, so feel free to connect with her for speaking events as well.

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