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Aubry Russell

Customer Service Whiz

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I am a CMU alum (Fire Up Chips!) who took the opportunity post-college to do some city-hopping before settling back home on the East side of Michigan.  I lived in the Bay Area of California for three years, exploring Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.  I spent a year (cut short by the pandemic) living in the Gold Coast of Chicago before moving to Grand Rapids.

For six years, I braved the awkward and ever-entertaining world of teaching 8th Grade English Language Arts.  After a lot of contemplation, I decided to leave the classroom and trade my role of Teacher for Learner as I dive into the world of Medicare.  I am excited to join this team and to support both agents and yourself as you transition into this new phase of life-- which should be 10x better than any Middle School phase you had.

After some career transitions and the exciting opportunity to work for Giardini Medicare, I now live in Northville, MI with my boyfriend, Mike, and my cat, Meredith.  All three of us enjoy to travel, spend time with family, and watch anything on Bravo.

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