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Cameron Giardini

Medicare Nerd


I'm the only family member that didn't go to MSU!  I graduated from Central Michigan University with a biochemistry degree and plans of becoming a doctor. After a long and grueling week of almost studying for the MCAT, I decided "forget that"....

So instead of billing insurance, I decided to start selling it!

That's basically how I got to the Medicare arena. I thought that medical device sales would be fun and I needed some sales experience. My mom, being in insurance her entire life, knew some insurance folks that said "sure, come take this 100% commission job in Medicare and GOOD LUCK."

Eye opener. Wow, it can be a horrible industry.

After seeing how complex it was, how confused people were, how ripped off some consumer were getting, I decided to enter the business. I started with a few other firms (more eye openers) before we grew our family agency.

I'm happy that we finally got to create our own version of "what a Medicare business should be". That's what we do today. And it's fun to grow it and make an impact on the world.

I'm sort of the “where’s Waldo” of our team. My wife, Jena,  is a travel physical therapist so we bounce around a bit in terms of where we live. However, we've just settled in San Diego, CA. When not mountain biking, we've taken up surfing. We bought surfboards at Costco and we keep practicing and practicing. It's harder than it looks.

My work passion is growing our YouTube Channel.  My goal is to answer questions in a logical and concise fashion. Not a lot of glitz, just good information. It continues to evolve.

Need anything? Feel free to connect with me. If you have ideas for YouTube, please email me!

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