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Joanne Giardini-Russell

Medicare Nerd & Owner


I'm a Michigan State University grad! Sorry to any Wolverines that we know...

I started work at age 22 in the malpractice insurance world. It's sort of funny that I started in one crazy area of insurance - did just about every kind of insurance for years and years - and, will end my days in the craziest type of insurance - MEDICARE.

I, like most of you, "had no clue that it was this complex".

After learning that Medicare was complex, it completely piqued my interest and took over my world. Cameron (our agent and my oldest child) is credited with drawing me into Medicare. He likes to tell the story...

I was fascinated that there's an industry where 100% of those in the U.S. have to make some type of decision about at some point in their life. And, it's crazy complicated. It's extremely stressful as you hear all the chatter amongst your peers. And, it's largely ignored by many industries and professions.

I've learned that it's rather 'ignored' because it is tough to tackle. Not all professionals have the time or training to be able to dispense good Medicare advice. So, they ignore or refer out (as they should).

During the months and months where Medicare was consuming my household, I was affiliated with a Detroit-area financial planning firm. I thought that Medicare and long term care planning would be a great area of specialty to grow and brought the concept to the firm. They didn't agree.

So, I was off on the journey to "figure it out". It was quite the project to grow but we were determined.

Figure it out we did. Today, we have seven agents that handle Medicare exclusively along with four customer service reps that are here to help with all things Medicare.

We work with the general public along with the many clients referred to us from financial planners, financial wholesalers, credit unions and CPAs to deliver the best Medicare purchasing experience possible. Those professions don't have the time or inclination to "do Medicare right".

However, they are learning that Medicare brings people an enormous amount of stress. It affects every person and every family. Everybody has to make some type of decision as they turn 65 years old. It doesn't mean that they have to enroll into Medicare, but they have to decide to not enroll, for example.

The stress begins months and months before that 65th birthday. We get it. We've worked with thousands of you and hear the same thing consistently at the end of our conversations. "Wow, I feel better already".

I’m proud of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Check out our Google Reviews – don’t take my word for it.

And, if you have any inclination to join me on TikTok and learn more about Medicare, now is the time to do so! There are currently over 55,000 people exploring this important topic with me.

To speak with any of our team, feel free to set up your own free phone call.

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