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Joanne Giardini-Russell

Medicare Nerd & Owner


Graduating from Michigan State University in 1987 and landing into the medical malpractice world wasn’t exactly what I thought would happen at age 22. But, I actually loved the world of insurance immediately.  It’s black and white; it just sort of meshes with my personality type.

Fast forward over thirty years…. I spent years and years in all types of insurance. But, never in the Medicare world.

I spent years within a financial planning firm and obtained my series 6, 63, 65 licenses. (Hated the profession, BTW! I’m not into pie charts) But, I really enjoyed co-captaining the insurance piece for clients. While spending time in the financial world, the light bulb went off.

Light bulb? The financial industry says they are holistic. Well, for years, I’m not sure that I heard the word “Medicare”. If you are not looking at health insurance and its impact on families, you are not holistic. Can a firm do it all? Not in my opinion. Possibly if they have employees for each speciality (that’s completely my opinion) – and I haven’t seen that yet. One of my favorite questions to ask at our seminars with seniors — “Raise your hand if you feel that your professional is a resource for Medicare?” Never has one hand been raised.

That’s a problem.  That’s an enormous hole in a retirement plan.

After spending years learning and seeing firsthand how other firms operated, I realized that to create what we wanted to create and do things the way we felt was/is right, it was time to become a business owner. Giardini Medicare (formerly Boomer Health Group) was born in January, 2018.

Fast forward to 2019, we have a terrific team of six advisors that counsel individuals and groups regarding Medicare all day/every day across the U.S. We partner with financial advisors, CPAs, group benefits folks, Human Resources departments, credit unions and companies — all with our goal of guiding those that need Medicare into the proper products at the proper time.

We focusing on education – and I’m proud to say that we’ve not once sent out a postcard soliciting for insurance sales. We are 100% referral. If you’d like to join our mailing list and see how we operate? Here’s the link to opt in.

I’m proud of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Check out our Google Reviews – don’t take my word for it.

Speaking, webinars, seminars, lunch & learns – contact myself or Gwynn to arrange. See the events page for things that are happening now. It’s exhausting AND over the top enjoyable!

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