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Enter Your Medications

Please note that Giardini Medicare will run Part D analysis for current/new Medicare supplement clients only. Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? Scroll down below to see our video tutorial showing that just how to run your own analysis!

Note – Please fill this out as best possible. Be specific as to the actual medication and dosage so that we can get the plan run properly.  And, please do one form PER PERSON.

  • The Fine Print: We represent (meaning that we are contracted with, are agents for and our compensated by the carrier) some Part D carriers but not all. If we are NOT contracted, we will discuss with you how you can enroll directly with the carrier or via In those cases, you may have to contact the particular carrier directly for additional questions and/or service issues. Just a heads up! (PS - no carrier is great with service so be prepared!)

And, if you found the plan of your choice, you can enroll into many Part D and Medicare Advantage plans USING THIS LINK.