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Part D

What is Part D?

Oh boy, does Part D give people the most headaches…. ever. Prior to 2006, Medicare didn’t even provide prescription coverage, so we’ll go with that it’s a positive...

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Medicare Low Income Subsidy – Extra Help

Medicare and prescription coverage. Prescription costs are meddlesome to just about every single Medicare beneficiary out there. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the high costs. Low Income Subsidy – Extra Help is an option worth looking into if you can qualify.

January 1st starts a new year and a new Part D deductible

You’ve finally got the hang of things with this Medicare “stuff”. At least you think you do. You walk into your local pharmacy to pick up your Eliquis prescription on January 8, for example, and BAM, the cashier rings you up and says “that will be $488.00”.

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